About Us

The Pink House Foundation is a family foundation formed in 2010 and based in Washington D.C., USA.


annie bio picAnnie Lake Chalghian Mahon (Treasurer, Board Member 2010-present, President 2010) is a writer, teacher, entrepreneur and organizer. She founded Circle Yoga Cooperative in 2002, DC Community Yoga and DC Yoga Week in 2005, and Opening Heart Mindfulness Community in 2013 (in operation since 2004.) She published her first book of yoga and mindfulness essays, Words to Be With in 2010, and her most recent book, Things I Did When I Was Hangry: Navigating a Peaceful Relationship with Food was published by Parallax Press in September 2015. Annie lectures, teaches, and blogs (www.rawmindfulness.com) about mindfulness in everyday, messy life. She lives with her husband, two cats and two terriers in Washington, DC.

C. Bruce Mahon (Board Member 2010-Present) is interested in finding innovative solutions to climate change.

Hanna Bio Pic-1Hanna Hemenger Mahon (Board Member 2010-present, President 2014 & 2016-Present) earned a bachelor’s degree in Peace & Justice Studies from Middlebury College in 2014 and now studies creative writing at CalArts in LA. She has worked on political and issue-based campaigns related to workers’ rights, economic justice and racial justice, and is a proud member of Resource Generation. In her spare time she studies plant medicine and pets dogs.

Maddie bio pic-1Madeline Mahon (Board Member 2010-present, President 2013) has worked with women and juveniles in the justice system as a counselor, and with at-risk children and their families as a teacher at an early learning center. She was also the founder and director of a summer camp from 2000-2008. Madeline graduated from Eckerd College in 2012 with a BA in Human Development and minors in both Psychology and Anthropology. She currently resides in St. Petersburg, FL and loves it.

Paul bio pic-1Paul A. Mahon (Board Member 2010-present, Treasurer 2010-2017) is a co-founder of biotechnology company United Therapeutics Corporation in 1996, and has continuously served as General Counsel. Prior to United Therapeutics, he was managing partner of a Washington, DC law firm specializing in visual arts, technology and media law and also acted as a literary agent. Paul hails from the Chicago suburbs, where he graduated from Buttons & Bows Nursery School in turbulent 1968.

Sara Mahon (Board Member 2010-Present, President 2012 & 2015, Vice President 2018) graduated from the University of Vermont in 2014 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. She currently resides in Burlington, VT and is a student in the graduate program in Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of Vermont. She is very passionate about destigmatizing mental health and exploring alternative mental health programs. She currently works at Pathways Vermont, a non-profit that provides access to choice, connection, and home for Vermonters with mental health & other life challenges. In her free time she loves to go to group movement classes, make people laugh, and cuddle with her fluffy cat Moonshadow.


Luke Newton is a philanthropic consultant with extensive experience advising foundations and donors, crafting high-impact grantmaking strategies, and managing diverse grants portfolios with a focus on community-driven solutions that advance social justice and environmental sustainability.

Luke helps to coordinate the Pink House Foundation’s collaborative grantmaking process and provides advice about strategies and best practices, while also supporting overall foundation planning and operations.

He is a member of the National Network of Consultants to Grantmakers and has experience supporting foundation startup, mission and strategy development, organizational and field research, developing grantmaking processes and systems, and grant program coordination.

Luke’s grantmaking portfolios have spanned a wide range of issue areas, with a focus on organizing, advocacy and civic engagement, immigrant rights, racial equity, climate and environmental justice, and expanding economic opportunity for low-income families.

Previously, Luke worked for a decade with Common Counsel Foundation in Oakland, California where he served as Senior Program Officer and helped to grow the scale, visibility and impact of the Foundation. In his role he coordinated strategic advising, research, and grant program oversight for a group of affiliated family foundations, donor-advised funds and grants initiatives.

Luke has participated in extensive volunteer work to uplift equity and justice, and also has a passion for playing music, growing good food, splashing around in the water, and appreciating the beauty of planet earth.