Grantmaking Overview

Community-Driven Grantmaking

The Pink House Foundation works to support community-driven organizations and movements that are building power and leadership in marginalized communities to advance systemic solutions to the root causes of social and environmental injustice.

Beginning in 2019, the Foundation transitioned to a community-driven grantmaking model designed to deepen our impact and align our funding with community priorities. We partner with national grassroots alliances/coalitions and community-led social justice funds to redistribute grant funding to frontline community organizations across the country according to their respective community-determined strategies. As a result of this transition we are phasing out direct grants to individual community organizations.

Our prior grant partners played an important role in helping to inform this new model and identify the landscape of national grassroots alliances and community-led social justice funds that are being considered for new partnerships.

Please note that funding partnerships are considered by invitation only and the Foundation does not accept unsolicited requests for funding.