The Pink House Foundation

The Pink House Foundation is a family foundation formed in 2010 and based in Washington D.C., USA.

The Pink House represents home, comfort, security and support. The Pink House Foundation believes that all sentient beings should feel the same kind of support and security that a home offers, and we design our grant-making to help achieve this goal through the reduction of suffering.

For 2016, the Pink House Foundation will be making grants in the area of  TBD.

In making funding recommendations to our Board of Directors, our President has full discretion to choose among programs to support. Directors will endeavor to understand the mission of each potential grant recipient. In this manner, The Pink House Foundation is not limited in how it selects grant recipients within the selected annual area of interest. Following evaluation by our Board, grants will be made by The Pink House Foundation in the manner deemed best suited by our Board. The Pink House Foundation intends to enter into a written agreement with each grant recipient to specify the use of the grant proceeds and to require appropriate reports on the use of funds and impact achieved.