The Mission of The Pink House Foundation is to support transformative social movements that are working to advance social justice and sustainability for all communities. We believe that real and lasting social change is driven by movements that endeavor to address the root causes of social and environmental injustice and are based in, led by, and accountable to communities that are most impacted by these issues.


After over a year of planning and intentional conversations with grant partners and leaders in the field of social justice philanthropy, the Pink House Foundation is excited to be transitioning to a new community-driven model for moving funding to support transformative social movements.

There is a growing recognition that in order to support systemic change, those of us in philanthropy must do more than redistribute money to movements—we must also redistribute decision-making power over where that money goes. With this transition we are acknowledging that frontline leaders who are immersed in the day-to-day realities of organizing in marginalized communities are in the best position to strategically deploy resources to advance change.

The Pink House Foundation has adopted a new model designed to share decision-making power by partnering with national grassroots alliances/coalitions and community-led social justice funds that will, via their own community-determined processes, redistribute grant funding to grassroots organizations across the country.

We make this announcement with much gratitude to our current and prior grant partners for helping to inform this new model and for all of their incredible on-going work to advance justice.

For more information on this new model, please click here.